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State-level technology center, designer of national standards

The state-level technology center of Luoyang Copper leads the industrial technology development of China with its strong strength of technical innovation. Luoyang Copper has undertaken tens of state-level scientific research projects, including science and technology key projects and high-tech industrialization demonstration projects. Its innovation achievements in hundreds of processing technologies and product development have been widely applied in the industry.


Our company has produced large quantities of high-performance copper alloy products used in the high-technology field and sunrise industries.

It provided important products for national key projects, such as electron-positron collider, aerospace engineering, etc.
Its new-type coinage alloys are well known all over the world.
It is the first qualified supplier who provide coinage alloys for minting Euro coins to European Union.
Its high-performance copper-nickel alloys assist China's High-Speed Rail to go out to the world.
It is the first company in China who is able to complete the all-process production of second-generation lead frame materials in China.

The company’s copper decorative materials were applied to Pavilions of Shanghai World Expo, Xi’an Garden Expo, Waldorf Astoria Beijing, H-type Twin Tower on the First Avenue of New York, America, etc.

Our company’s copper strips for transformers, lead frame materials and white copper pipes for shipbuilding were awarded Outstanding Brand in China’s Non-ferrous Metal Industry.

We have independent intellectual property rights for 18k gold-imitating copper alloy technique which can effectively solve the problem of corrosion of copper alloys. The bronze statues of Nanhai Guanyin Bodhisattva of Mount Putuo and 99-meter Dizang Bodhisattva of Jiuhua Mountain were made of the above-mentioned 18k gold-imitating copper and has attracted the world’s attention.


Luoyang Copper Processing is a main drafter of national standards and industrial standards of China’s copper processing products. The tens of national standards and industrial standards which were hosted and drafted by Luoyang Copper Processing cover all critical standards of the industry.

  • Method for processing corrosion resistant copper zinc aluminum alloy material patent
  • Processing technology of nickel chromium silicon bronze alloy
  • Method for processing copper steel clad copper strip
  • Manufacturing process of Tin Phosphorus Bronze Rod
  • Method for processing silver copper sheet alloy material
  • Electric heating device patent for blocking plate of extruder


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